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Paying it forward: Dangal ng Bayan Lowel Andrian Solayao inculcates culture of giving back
December 13, 2018
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April 28, 2020


A mother of two and soon to be a LET examinee, Mother Angelie Almen availed the #BorrowBooksforBrgyBanuyo ( 4Bs) Program of Pilar Reading Center ( PRC ) to make herself busy while on quarantine.

According to her, she loves reading novels ( and watching K dramas 😊 ). She spent time reading her chosen novels and took some notes on a paper. Some of the words in the books she was reading stirred her to post online.

Here are some of the lines that struck her:

“Betrayal, ambition lead to multiple murderous actions. One mistake leads to another and alot more cover-up”- lines from Absolute Corruption

” Your word against my word”- Absolute Power

Her posts made her friends inquire and she recommended to read those novels ( and even posted the photos of the books). She shared via comment in her post that (through the books in the program) she was able to “revive passion for reading”. She ” found her way home”, her post says.

In the comment thread, she thanked the center..The post says “Thanks..Gives me refreshing vibe..learning at the same time enjoying.”

Reading books and sharing them online is a good combo, like what Mother Angelie did.

Enjoy reading with us. To borrow, please message us in our page and hopes to deliver the title/s if available in shelves/collections.

Pics taken on April 27, 2020, and posted with permission.


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