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July 1, 2020
September 8, 2020

Congratulations School Box Ph for sharing your story to Masbate people!

school box PH

During the interview with TK Program Host Initiator Jonathan Morano at DYME TeleRadio, Sir Earl Calingacion, Proponent/ Teacher at Ligao NHS and Editor-in-Chief of School Box PH, shared what’s School Box Ph.

School Box Ph is a creation of original content by the students for the students. SB PH is a video- creation advocacy geared to deliver relatable topics and content for the youth. With his experience in the media arts, he tapped his friends including his co-teachers and former students to help him create content and produce educational videos based on MELCS of the Department of Education- Philippines.

Today, their team hopes to produce more educational videos for JHS and SHS students. Watch some of their videos in YT, Facebook and Instagram. Just type School Box pH, and it’s there.

Salute to everyone in the team.

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