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February 1, 2017
4H club song leader visits PRC
4H club song leader visits PRC
March 20, 2017

Tabang Kariton shares love to PRC, teach kids to value healthy teeth

Tabang Kariton shares love to PRC

Tabang Kariton shares love to PRC

February18, 2017- In celebration of 13th National Dental Health Month, Tabang Kariton, an advocacy for environment and education initiated by Initiator Jonathan Morano of Masbate City, visited Pilar Reading Center.

One of the TK’s banner programs is #DagdagDunongProgram where storytelling sessions and values-integrated lessons are shared and taught. The topic of the day was Oral Health Education with guest dentists.

Guest storytellers of the day were dentists Cristy Ramos- Lleno, DMD and Theresa Segovia, DMD. Doc Cristy shared the story of ” Ay! May Bukbok Ang Ngipin Ni Ani” by Luis P. Gatmaitan. Doc Tisay also gave a lecture on How to Brush Teeth Properly.

“Our teeth, like other parts of the body are God’s gidt to us. That’s why we should take care of our teeth”, Doc Cristy and Tisay shared to the kids.

PRC learners received toothpaste and toothbrush. Children also took snacks courtesy of Tabang Kariton’s partner-Skinzone Spa of Masbate City.

Initiator Jonathan Morano encouraged the kids to value healthy teeth and value education.

PRC children and parents are very thankful to the visit of Tabang Kariton and partners to PRC.

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