Whenever in a place, visit it's school, library or council hall.
Whenever in a place, visit it’s school, library or council hall
May 18, 2016
pilar reading center
Pilar Reading Center, as an organization, believes that youth holds the power in the nation building.
May 20, 2016


SPES pilar reading center

“Passion to communicate. Passion learn and teach.
Compassion to people (children, young people, mothers, women and girls, students, teachers and everyone )
Vision of productive, responsible and creative Pilarinos.”

We envision of a community of readers, achievers and leaders. We envision to raise a new generation of literate and better Pilarinos.

Thank you DOLE-LGU Pilar, SPES Batch 2016 for the invitation. It was a blessing for us in the PRC to share our “passion, compassion and vision”

Great thanks to Mayor Dennis Reyes and Mam Alde Bausa, to all PESO staff and to PRC people for the great support and trust!

“Only one life so soon it will pass; Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

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