SPES pilar reading center
May 20, 2016
pilar reading
May 27, 2016

Pilar Reading Center, as an organization, believes that youth holds the power in the nation building.

pilar reading center

Through SPES ( Special Program for Employment of The Students ) of the Department of Labor and Employment and LGU-Pilar, young Pilarinos ( either high school or college students ) were given the privilege to work in different offices/barangays within the twenty-day employment period. The students are taught of the basic services in different offices, trained in the different office-related activities and skills mapping. Twenty or thirty days being a student-employee has taught and gave each youth of the following benefits:

Social-Personal-Emotional-Spiritual ( SPES )

Thank you #SPES2016! Thank you foe the opportunity to share our ” passion, compassion and vision ” to all 169 student-employees and all attendees of the SPES 2016 Closing Program and Thanksgiving Fellowship.

PRC has passion, compassion and vision! To God be the glory!

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